Local authorities, public health and health inequalities

The burden of disease in England compared with 22 peer countries: a report for NHS England

Public Health England – This document compares England to 22 other countries, and sets out the relative position of England compared with 22 international peers in relation to the major disease burdens. It also identifies which diseases and risk factors in England are or are not improving and diseases and risks improving at a faster, or slower rate compared to…

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HIV in the United Kingdom: towards zero HIV transmissions by 2030, 2019 report

Public Health England – This report shows that due to increases in HIV testing, fewer people remain unaware of their HIV status. It concludes that the goal of eliminating HIV transmission by 2030 depends on sustaining prevention efforts and further expanding them to reach all at risk. Report Public Health England – press release

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Community-centred public health: taking a whole system approach

Public Health England – These resources aim to provide guidance to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of action to build healthy communities and embed community-centred ways of working within whole systems action to improve population health. They are intended for use by local authority, NHS and voluntary and community sector decision makers. Guidance Public Health England – publications

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The English local government public health reforms: an independent assessment

Local Government Association This report, commissioned from The King’s Fund, assesses the success of the 2013 reforms to public health in England, which were part of the coalition government’s wider health reform programme. These reforms, which saw the responsibility for many aspects of public health move from the NHS to local government, involved the transition of staff and services and…

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