Mental Health

Determinants of mental health

Centre for Mental Health – This first briefing from the Centre’s Commission for Equality in Mental Health finds that mental health inequalities are closely linked to wider injustices in society. Inequalities in wealth, power and voice are linked to poorer mental health. Exclusion, discrimination, violence and insecurity all increase our risk of poor mental health and explain why some groups…

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Mental health funding and investment: a digest of issues

NHS Providers – This briefing looks at the financial and investment challenges facing mental health providers. It warns that the provision of mental health services is not being prioritised across the whole of the NHS. This is despite the significant progress that has been made by the sector to innovate and transform services, and improve people’s access to care and…

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Beyond parity of esteem: achieving parity of resource, access and outcome for mental health in England

British Medical Association – Mental health services remain a long way behind most physical health services in terms of their resourcing, patient ability to access care and overall patient outcomes. This report outlines findings about the state of mental health in England and recommendations for improvements. Key findings: under a third of children with mental health problems in England are…

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