Mechanically ventilated patients experience stress and feelings of vulnerability


Commentary on: Danielis M, Povoli A, Mattiussi E,Palese A. Understanding patients’ experiences of being mechanically ventilated in the Intensive Care Unit: Findings from a meta-synthesis and meta-summary. J Clin Nurs. 2020; 00:1–18.

Implications for practice and research

  • · Family members and nurses play a key role in addressing critical care patients’ negative feeling.

  • · More empirical research studies are encouraged to evaluate the efficacy of family presence-based interventions on patient experience.


Intubated patients in intensive care units (ICU) often express psychological distress as a result of their experiences.1 Patients often report feeling frightened of the technology being used as part of their care, and that these feelings of anxiety can persist long after critical care and hospital discharge.1 2 Understanding patients’ experiences in more depth will help practitioners understand how to develop educational and policy strategies that …

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