Surviving indoors with Coronavirus


How to survive being stuck indoor/limited social contact while the Coronavirus restrictions take place and limit our movements.

What is the impact of staying at home

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant many governments restricting the right of freedom of movement to ensure the general safety of the public.

Its an established principle, and one which makes sense. We won;t debate it here but the impact of it can be significant, especially if you’re a very active outdoor type of person.

It can result in:

  • – You have difficulty concentrating on what’s in front of you.
  • – You feel lethargic or simply unmotivated to do anything.
  • – You feel irritated and on edge for no apparent reason.


If you can relate to any of those signs… you’re probably dealing with cabin fever. But before you take up permanent residence on your couch or start to sleep out of sheer boredom, Check out this list of ideas to help you

How to beat cabin fever

Read a book

Read a physical book? Or not got any? than try some free eBooks, they
should have formats for your kindle, or favourite reader, which can
also be on a computer.

Note: you may have to create an account for some of these free
services, choose to opt out of email newsletter to save your inbox being
over loaded.

Stay fit indoors

Exercise is the best thing to do right now. You don’t need a gym (in fact with this resource you could cancel you membership!! Just follow Joe (or watch one episode (you’ll be just exhaused watching). Thanks to @AnnieCoops for this gem

Jigsaw Puzzles

hundres of jigsaw pieces

Solving puzzles is a great way to increase concentration, expand creativity and make you more alert. Plus, it has the benefit of reducing your heart rate and blood pressure! Don’t have nay? Loads of digital puzzles online too Jigsawplanet and Jigsawpuzzles but there are many others too

Colouring, yes your read correctly!

Therapeutic, relaxing and a way to create some nice art. You don’t need to buy books, but they are nice to have, you can also download sheets. Try this link for example

Make crafts

There are many different arts and crafts you could pursue including scrapbooking, origami, knitting, and quilting. And if you’ve never tried to make crafts before, it’s easy to learn how through online step-by-step classes like Craftus or Craftpassion

Take up a musical instrument

This is may be the opportunity for you to pick up that instrument you bought, and is stuck in a cupboard, or attic!


Besides being fun, learning an instrument helps increase coordination, organisational skills and memory capacity if included in a daily schedule.


But you need help with this, then there are online resources to help you visually see how to do things, such as Udemy, and free courses MOOC, and others

Trace your Family Tree

Always wanted to trace your ancestry, now is the time. You may even find your connected to more people than you realised. You can check out or to get started.

Register for an e-Learning course

You are never too old to learn, and with lots of time on your hands, there are lots to do. Many of the world’s universities offer free course modules, from arts and crafts to politics. Whatever your interest is, there is a course in most languages for you. Free courses also have options for getting recognised certificates for a small fee, and grouping modules in courses to get formal academic accreditation.

My favourite platform to find these is MOOCMassive Open Online Courses – which is a directory of courses provided by the main platforms Coursera / Futurelearn and edx.

Travel virtually

Well, you can still “travel” virtually by watching live streams of places from around the world using services like Earthcam and Google Earth.


PS May give you ideas for next years holidays.

Build a plastic model

The creation of models from kits or separate components is a rewarding pastime for those who appreciate abstract thinking and fine detail. Depending on your interests, you can produce scale models, military models, architectural models, car models and many other types. A popular subreddit on called Modelmakers is a great place to get started with this hobby.

Learn cooking and/or baking

Why not learn to make healthy, delicious meals, which your body will love you for? You know that cookbook you bought, maybe now open it. Didn’t buy it? then the internet is filled with online cooking classes for newbies. A good starting point is the BBC Good food with lots of ideas for healthy food. Or look for ideas, as the possibilities are endless on Pinterest

Create a virtual friend and family movie night

Being constrained isn’t fun, especially at night, so why not try Netflix’s Party – requires you use CHROME browser, but invite friends and you can watch and comment at same time. Or just watch the newest season of your favourite show on Netflix.

Playing cards and other games online


Socialising with card games is quite common in many countries, and using the internet it is still possible to play ‘virtually’, here are some free options, but there are many also for smart phones.

Resources for children

For Android, there is Google Family, a way of managing time and access online for both children and family members; you can then create a supervision role from you smartphone (including iPhone)

Fatherly is a tool for parents to do with children – lots of arts and crafts.

If you want to ensure education or want to supplement any educational elements a good resource is Nearpod, it describes itself as: Nearpod is transforming teaching and learning experiences through technology with relevant 21st-century skills and content. And it provides lots of content for free… thanks to @dominindineen

For those children interested in programming, a brilliant resource is ScratchJR ideal for learning basic coding projects. Thanks to my friend on instagram

Now that spring is arriving, wherever you are it maybe a good time to plan and do some of that work, well, lets say you’ve been putting off.


Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes a few moves is all it takes to make your place look new.


Tackle a home improvement project. Just make sure it’s an indoors one!

Fresh air

Don’t  forget the need for fresh air. Go for a walk, with of course 2 meters (6ft) between you and anyone else, maybe take photo’s create a new photo library of what’s around you and reconnect with nature.

But if you do, ensure you follow any restrictions in place, including carry ID and permit of activity.

 Know any more....

Add in comments below and I’ll update weekly.

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